The coaching programs developed by ABdL & Partners allow individuals and groups (team coaching) to properly identify their goals and define the best strategies for achieving them.

Coaching is a powerful developmental method to enable the coachee to achieve a more complete understanding of all dimensions related to their role and a greater awareness of their strengths and areas for improvement to achieve fullness in their current role or planned role development. Coaching occurs during regular sessions between coach and coachee (in-person or online).

The coach uses diagnostic tools to define and assess specific areas of focus and may require the coachee to participate as an observer in real moments of organizational life.


Stay self-centered, reduce emotionality, and keep your mind flexible and creative to make thoughtful, informed decisions.


  • Do I reopen the business now or in a few months? Do I close it and how do I close it? Or do I pick it up and relaunch it?
  • What new business opportunities can open up for my business? What new revenue opportunities?
  • How can I cope with declining revenue and liquidity? What costs should I cut or reduce at this time?
  • What products or services should I focus on? What industry do I re-convert to? What new business? Who do I ask for help?
  • How do I prepare for the new conditions? What solutions can I adapt for my business to the new conditions?
  • How do I train my employees on the new conditions? How do I communicate a difficult decision to one or more of them?
  • How do I engage and motivate my employees during this time?How do I handle stress, anxiety, and the current climate?
  • How do I deal with disagreements with my partner? With the family member? How do I handle customers and suppliers during this time?
  • What new lessons and skills do I need to acquire today for the future? What new investments should I make?
  • How do I prevent and manage personal, family and child life difficulties during this time?
  • How do I set and rebalance my work life in light of the changes? What about my personal and family life?