Experiential training has the great advantage of using the emotional components of participants and allowing a strong  acceleration  of learning.  In this context of action, participants face concrete problems to be resolved together, with a strong  involvement of all members.

ABdL has created a new methodology:  evolutionary training, a learning method that develops and strengthens capacity and human behavior, improves team work and identification in  Company’s goals. Learning in this case does not just develop new competence but allows the acquisition of new thinking methods with the aim of giving the chance to “pull out the best of yorself”

Photography and innovation

Photography as a practice and a metaphor for the development in the Company:

  • Creativity and innovation;
  • Problem solving and decision making;
  • Result orientation;
  • Leadership and team work

The photography is a set of choices and only through continuous choices the final product can be reached. Photographic composition, as a metaphor of the product/service, it  is the result of choices . Choices that come from other choices, according to concrete basis of perceptive vision and intuitive of reality.

Training will be held by internationally known photographer/trainer for the specialized part of the training and an ABdL trainer for analysis and development of managerial behavior.

Examples of thematics that will be analyzed:

Introduction to technical basis of photography in line with the different ability and characteristics of participants, collective exercises on field, photographic themes will be presented with exercises (ex. urban reportage, portrait of the ambient, landscape).

Debriefing and sharing of the results, reading of portfolio in workshops for identifying strong and weak points of respectful intuition and of their own behavior acting in relation to the development of skils.

The corpus of photos made by participants could be channelled  in an exposition so in that way the entire experience would be shared.

Team Cooking :

  • Team building and team work
  • Collaboration
  • Comunication Skills
  • Leadership

The kitchen is designed as a laboratory and as a metaphor of team work. In fact, the group develops its own efficiency and creativity with courses and menu. The participants will be guided by professional chef  and work in synergy for common result;  after that will be able to taste the results of their work together.

The trainers encourage feedback between the participants and can provide individual feedback within training days.

During debriefing, the behaviors of the participants will be contextualized, with the support of the trainer, and brought back to their professional field. Participants will  be able to identify their potential and possibly their own gap in managerial skills.