There is no favorable wind for who does not know where he wants to go.

ABdL& Partners design training courses (standard and individual), for the progress of  skills, abilities and competence of persons, related to the need of Organizations.

ABdL&Partners  methods  combine high level pragmatism and adherence with the reality of organization, from the need to create strong interaction of participants.

ABdL& Partners is using diverse methods (blended learning) with the aim to simplify learning, and instruments to verify efficiency of training courses and consultancy (change).

ABdL develops training courses and projects with its partner Madetosell srl

Experiential Training

Experiential training has the great advantage of using the emotional components of the participants and therefore allowing a strong acceleration in learning. In fact, in this context of action, the participants face concrete problems to be solved together, through the real involvement of everyone.

Abdl has created a new methodology: Evolutionary Training, or learning that develops and strengthens people’s skills and attitudes, improves the work group and identifies company objectives. In this case, learning not only develops new skills but allows you to acquire new ways of thinking to allow people to “bring out the best of themselves.